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Cheats for Advanced Battlegrounds - The Future of Combat Cheats

Advanced Battlegrounds - The Future of Combat

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Faisal
Submitted by: conner54

Start Game, Load A Mission, Press ~ (tilde) to access
console.Type any of the following case sensitive cheats.

Code Result
Cheat.GodMode(); - God Mode
Cheat.AddAmmo(); - Extra Ammo
Cheat.TuneWeapons(); - Tune Weapons
Cheat.FullHealth(); - Full Health
Cheat.NextMission(); - Mission Skip
Cheat.TuneImplants(); - Tune Implants
Cheat.ClearOverload(); - Clear Overload
Cheat.GiveAmmo9mmShort(); - 9mm Ammo
Cheat.GiveAmmo12mmShort(); - 12mm Ammo
Cheat.GiveAmmo14mmLong(); - 14mm Ammo
Cheat.GiveAmmoRockets(); - Rocket Ammo
Cheat.GiveAmmoEnergy(); - Energy Ammo
Cheat.GiveAmmo8mmLong(); - 8mm Ammo
Cheat.GiveAmmoShotgun(); - Shotgun Ammo
Cheat.GiveKnife(); - Knife
Cheat.GiveGrenade(); - Grenade
Cheat.GiveClusterGrenade(); - Cluster
Cheat.GiveHealtex(); - Healtex
Cheat.GiveOCS(); - OCS
Cheat.GiveCloakingDevice(); - Cloaking Device
Cheat.GiveOCICrom(); - Spawn OCICrom Sniper Rifle

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