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Cheats for X-Men - Reign Of Apocalypse

X-Men - Reign Of Apocalypse - Game cheats, tips and tricks for Gameboy Advance

Play As Bosses:
Complete the single-player mode. When you hook up the Game Boy Advances
and select a mode, you can choose from Bosses (but not mini-Bosses).

Special move:
Press A + B to do a special move. Note: This takes away a little bit of life.

Choose Cyclops when selecting a character. He has no punch combo, so you
can continuously punch one enemy till he is KOd without having to stop,
unlike the other X-men who can only punch three or four times.
Note: This will not work on most Bosses. mini-Bosses and Sentinels.

Defeating Night Crawler:
Knock Night Crawler onto the spikes that appear from the floor.
Keep punching him, and the spikes will help kill him quickly, of
ten without hitting you back.

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