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Cheats for X-Men 2 - Clone Wars

X-Men 2 - Clone Wars - Game cheats, tips and tricks for Sega

Cheat mode:
Submitted by: Fawad Malik

Pause game play and press Left + C, Up(2), Left, Down(2), Right, C. The sound
of a laser will confirm correct code entry. Resume game play and enter one of
the following controller actions for the effect:

Level skip:
Pause game play and hold Right + C.

Change characters:
Pause game play and press Left + C.

Ninety-nine lives:
Pause game play and press Down + C, Up, Left, Up, Right(2), C.

Pause game play and press Up + B, Up, Right, Down, Up, Right, Down(2),
Up, B. The sound of a crash will confirm correct code entry. Resume game play.
Pause game play again and press Up + B for invincibility. Note: This effect does
not last through the entire game, but may be re-enabled.

Disable collision detection:
Note: The following feature requires a six-button controller. Hold Mode + X + Y + Z
at the Sega logo. Quickly press Up(2), Down, Down/Left, Left, A, B + C at the title screen.
The screen will flash to confirm correct code entry. Hold Mode during game play to walk
through walls.

Fight Magneto X-Clone:
Select and character besides Magneto and reach the X-Clone fight on the Brood Boss stage.
The last character to be fought should not be the clone of your present character. Move
down to the bottom of the black and yellow platforms, locate the bottom left corner and hit
the wall. Enter the room to the upper right and hit the wall at this location.
The X-Clone of Magneto will appear in this hidden area.


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