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Cheats for X2 - Wolverine's Revenge

X2 - Wolverine's Revenge - Game cheats, tips and tricks for XBox

Level select and all challenges:
At the main menu, press X, L, X, L, X, L(2), R to unlock level select and all
challenges. Note: There are two side effects after using the level select cheat.
First, stealth attacks no longer give you dog tags, which means you cannot
advance to a higher strike level. Get all the tags you need before using the
cheat. Secondly, when you save a game in which the level select code is used,
the file is now marked with an "X" just before the time and date.

All costumes:
At the main menu, press X, L, X, L, X(2), L, R to unlock all costumes.
All Cerebro files and FMV sequences
At the main menu, press X, L, X, L, X(2), R, L to unlock all Cerebro files and
FMV sequences.

Cheats option:
At the main menu, press X(2), L(4), X(2), L to unlock cheats option. Pause the
game to access the "Cheats" option.

Blooper FMV sequences:
Successfully complete the Bronze, Silver, and Gold challenges, then go to the
title screen and select the "Bonus" option. Go to "Gallery" and select "Play
Movies." Go to the bottom of the screen to the last three movies and you will
find two bloopers with Wolverine and one blooper with the Wendigo. You get one
blooper for each "Challenge" that was completed.

Increase feral rage:
To increase Wolverine's feral rage, retract your claws and just punch the guard.

Best approach and attack:
When scouting for enemies use Wolverine's heightened senses. Once you have
spotted an enemy, make sure you are close enough to see them clearly, but not be
spotted. If you watch them for a few moments in heightened senses mode, a faint
hazy figure of Wolverine will demonstrate the best approach and attack.

Star Wars reference:
Wolverine's voice is done by Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker. For the
Juggernaut battle, he fights a man with ultra psychic powers wearing a helmet.
Juggernaut uses the word "Force" every other line.

Infinite score and dog tag loop:
During Part IV: Grim Discoveries, after you have taken the elevator down into
the cavern, you will face the Wendigo and three soldiers. Instead of feeding the
soldiers to the Wendigo, knock the gun out of each of their hands and lure them
to an open area. Next, position yourself so you can perform a level 3 strike on
each of them simultaneously. You will be rewarded with 150,000 points and a dog
tag if the "Claw Slam" Strike is successful. Finally, if you run away from the
elevator, three more soldiers will rappel into the shaft with you. You can
repeat the process as many times as needed for lots of points and dog tags.
Note: If you die you will have to restart the level. For best results, use the
"Invincibility" cheat.

Defeating Juggernaut:
When the battle begins, you are in a force field arena. Try not to hit the force
field, or you will get hurt. Enemies from outside the force field will be
throwing green gas grenades at you. If you get dizzy from the green gas, rotate
the Left Analog-stick to regain control of Wolverine. Juggernaut has a special
move where he creates shockwaves by slamming his hands together. Try to get as
far away from him when he does this to avoid getting hurt. Juggernaut is
invincible while running; make him run into the the force field "corners". The
best way to do this is to stand at one of the "corners" opposite from where
Juggernaut is standing. When you make Juggernaut hit one of the "corners", he
will get shocked, get thrown into the middle of the arena, and will become
dizzy. Run up to him and hit him a few times. When you see the "Strike" message,
strike him to make him lose health. Do this at least three or four times. After
you strike Juggernaut several times, you will see Colloso jump over the force
field fence. Run up to him and press Strike to make him throw Wolverine at
Juggernaut to defeat him.
In the first part, lure him into the actual poles of the fence. When he flies
away and lands dazed, attack him from side and watch for the "Strike" message to
appear. Later when he starts jumping, jump to avoid the shockwave and try to get
him to jump into the electric beams. He is weak after he jumps. He will stand
and send a series of shockwaves. Also jump over these. If he is on one side of
the "ring", run to the other side to avoid them. Watch out for the gas. When his
health is gone, you must to finish him with a strike. Note: Beware of gas and
watch your bar for your sickness level.


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