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Cheats for WWF Super WrestleMania

WWF Super WrestleMania - Game cheats, tips and tricks for Sega

Random character:
Submitted by: Fawad Malik

Highlight Doink with controller one and Razor Ramon with controller
two at the character selection screen. Press Up + Start
to be assigned a random character.

Unlimited combos:
Pause game play and press B, A, Down, B, Up, Left(2).
Both characters may execute
unlimited combos.

Submitted by: kumayl hassan

CODE KEY IN . . . EFFECT . . .
2 5CWA-CAEE Player 1 starts with 3/4 energy
3 WCWA-CAEE Player 1 starts with 1/2 energy
4 KCWA-CAEE Player 1 starts with 1/4 energy
5 5CWT-CAFG Player 2 starts with 3/4 energy
6 WCWT-CAFG Player 2 starts with 1/2 energy
7 KCWT-CAFG Player 2 starts with 1/4 energy


8 DWCA-CACJ Kick does no damage
9 ACCA-CAAR Punch does no damage
10 CCCA-CABA Elbow drop does no damage
11 ACCA-CABC Stomp does no damage
12 ACCA-CABE Flying dropkick does no damage
13 ACCA-CAA8 Body slam does no damage
14 ACCA-CJBJ Head butt does no damage
15 ACCA-CAB2 Suplex does no damage
16 ACCA-CABG Hiptoss does no damage
17 BWCA-CABY Clothesline does no damage
18 DWCA-DTCJ Kick does more damage
19 DCCA-CAAR Punch does more damage
20 CCCA-DAKA Elbow drop does more damage
21 ACCA-DABC Stomp does more damage
22 GCCA-CABE Flying dropkick does more damage
23 HWCA-CAA8 Body slam does more damage
24 CCCA-CJBJ Head butt does more damage
25 FLCA-CAB2 Suplex does more damage
26 D4CA-CABG Hiptoss does more damage
27 BWCA-CJKY Clothesline does more damage
28 DWCA-DALJ Kick does a lot more damage
29 GCCA-CAAR Punch does a lot more damage
30 CCCA-CA3A Elbow drop does a lot more damage
31 ACCA-DAKC Stomp does a lot more damage
32 NCCA-CABE Flying dropkick does a lot more damage
33 SCCA-CAA8 Body slam does a lot more damage
34 GCCA-CJBJ Head butt does a lot more damage
35 LWCA-CAB2 Suplex does a lot more damage
36 HWCA-CABG Hiptoss does a lot more damage
37 BWCA-CTVY Clothesline does a lot more damage

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