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Cheats for WWF Smackdown

WWF Smackdown - Game cheats, tips and tricks for Playstation 1

Submitted by: V Tagat

While selecting the moves for your character when they have these ?
marks press R1 To Unlock all the moves in the column and do the same
for the rest and Voila U Have aLL tHE Moves

Make your Guy Superman With this cheat:
When X-Pac OR Some other guy comes along to talk with you backstage
then you tell him thanx and then you get a lot of ability points!
Make ur guy Superman!

Secret Wrestlers:
Submitted by: Rajesh

Play the season mode for a different number of years to unlock
different wrestlers.

Duration Secret Wrestler
1 year Ivory
2 years Prince Albert
3 years Jacqueline
4 years Viscera
5 years 8 Ability point for create a Superstar
6 years Mideon
7 years Gerald Brisco
8 years Pat Patterson
9 years No bonus
10 years 90 ability points in Create a Superstar
20 years 100 ability points in Create a Superstar

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