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Cheats for WWF Smackdown - Just Bring It - Secrets FAQ

WWF Smackdown - Just Bring It - Secrets FAQ - Game cheats, tips and tricks for Playstation 2

vFinal (18th November 2001)

An FAQ for WWF Smackdown : Just Bring It, for the PS2
by NMR


Final Filled in all the holes I wasn't quite sure about. This is pretty much
as far as I can take this FAQ. It's accurate, details how to unlock
everything, and the names of the movesets aren't really worth listing,
you can figure them out yourselves, and you probably won't use them
withou a CAQ guide, anyway. Oh well.. It's back to DDR! ^_^

V1.0 - Pretty much complete, but missing a few gaps in factual information
(such as the names of the CAWs, which aren't listed in the game). I may
or may not write a second update, depending on how soon I figure out who
each Unknown is meant to be, and whether there's still interest in the
game by the time I finaly do ^_^

Emailing Me

Ok, I kinda figured this would happen... Without actualy including EMail in the
FAQ, I'm still pretty much getting mail-bombed, with people suggesting
alternative ways to getting certain cards..

The thing is that Smackdown 3 is a very well thought out game, and there are
literaly dozens of paths through the game, and many ways to unlock each card.
The methods I've listed below are just the methods I used myself.

The point of this FAQ is really not to document the game completely (I'll leave
that upto other people), but was to help frustrated people unlock all the
characters, back when the game was new, and nobody really spoke much about it.
Now, it seems rather popular, and I'm getting 10 EMails a day about Card #12,
everyone suggesting a different method of finding it. I've discovered it's
actualy random, so.. er... Don't email me about this! ^_^

Also, I'm not really THAT big a fan of the game anymore. It was fun while it
lasted, but while I'm always open to talking about games on EMail, AIM etc.
Please don't ask for gameplay advice. I'm sure there are other FAQs that deal
with these areas in much more detail, so check them out.


Like previous Smackdown titles, Smackdown 3 requires repeated play on the Story
Mode. The twist this time is that you have to explore a dozen or so set paths
through a much shorter Story Mode, in order to find every path, and unlock

That's the basic theory, but for those stuck finding certain paths (such as the
painfuly unlikely Jerry Lynne path), check out the cards that you simply cannot
find, and check out the paths required to find them.

I should warn you that Smackdown 3 can be a very long or very short game,
depending on how much of it you spoil for yourself. I suggest you only use the
guide if necessary, because exploring the Story Mode yourself is generaly mode

The Cards, And What They Unlock

01-06. Hidden Characters
07-09. Exhibition match types
10-11. Arenas
13-32. CAW Movesets (The blanks haven't been figured out yet)
33-36. Misc
37-50. CAW parts
50-52. Hidden Characters

1. Fred Durst
2. Mick Foley
3. Tajiri
4. Rhyno
5. Jerry Lynn
6. Spike Dudley

7. Last Man Standing Match
8. Street Fight Match
9. Ultimate Submission Match

10. Wrestlemania Arena
11. Insurrextion Arena

12. More CAW Points

13. DDP, Scott Steiner
14. Booker T, Billy Kidman
15. Grand Masta Sexay, Scotty 2 Hotty
20. Ric Flair, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Goldberg
29. RVD, Sean O'Haire, Gregory Helms
31. Al Snow, Big Bossman, Gangrel, Road Dogg

33. Theatre Mode
34. Original Entrance Music
35. Original Entrance Music
36. New SmackDown Arena

37. Facepaints
38. Masks
39. Items
40. Sleeveless Shirts
41. T-Shirts
42. Wrist Bands
43. Elbow Pads
44. Gloves
45. Patterns
46. Shoes
47. Tights
48. Belts
49. Mini-Skirts
50. Long Skirts

51. Shane McMahon
52. Stephanie McMahon Helmsley

How To Find Each Card


During story mode games, the outcome sometimes involves your chosen wrestler
winning a championship. If they do, that wrestler will be forced to defend his
belt in every consecutive story mode game in which you choose them.
It's therefore a good idea to choose a wrestler that

a) you want to hold that particular championship (RVD for hardcore etc.)
b) you won't want to use in story mode again

There is a way around this, but that means either using a different wrestler to
take that exact path through story mode again (thus beating the new champion,
and taking it themselves), or playing story mode as that champion, and losing
the belt to whoever challenges you (although this means you can't influence who
will challenge you)

In particular, I suggest you find a character you feel very comfortable with,
and make sure that you don't use him to unlock anyone, until you've unlocked
Jerry Lynne first (since you'll need a good character to win the matches
required to get Lynne). Or simply, get Lynne first with your favorite

1. Fred Durst

The easiest or hardest card (depending on your strategy) requires you to use
The Undertaker to reach a score of 15 or higher, in a Slobberknocker exhibition
match. It can be a great challenge, so if you want to get more out of the game,
I suggest you avoid the slightly more than effective strategy below.. A
strategy I call :

-Wrestling AS The Undertaker-

The objective is simple.. Beat 15 men in 10 minutes. Now usualy, this would be
a rather testing task.. Unless of course, your The Undertaker.
In a surprising move, Yukes seem to have taken a route of surreal realism -
everyone instinctively jobs for The Undertaker, letting him win without putting
any effort into his matches ^_^
The secret here is not to waste time weakening the opponent, or anything, since
one hit with a running clothesline or a Tombstone (down + O on a groggy
opponent) will magicaly cause them heart seizure, or something, letting you get
an easy 3-count.
You might also wanna mix up some chokeslams (up and L1 on a groggy opponent),
to stop the match being as tedious as a real Undertaker match.

2. Mick Foley [World Championship]

Enter Story mode as anyone who doesn't already hold a belt. Note that whoever
you choose will end up with the world championship at the outcome, but you'll
probably have to take it off them again, before you unlock everything, so don't
choose a super-powerful CAW that you can't beat, or anything..

* Turn down the tag title shot
* Attack whoever calls out the current champ
* Win match
* Show up on stage when you get called out, and accept the match
* Choose the match type. At the outcome, whichever match you choose will become
unlocked and playable in exhibition mode.
* Purposefuly lose the title match at Wrestlemania

At this point, Foley will come out and randomly decide that you should have a
Hell In The Cell rematch with Austin, y'know, for fairness and stuff and a Cell
magicaly appears around the ring (just like real life!). Beat Austin to win the
title, unlocking Foley, the Wrestlemania arena, and Theatre Mode.

3. Tajiri

Enter story mode as any non-champion. At the outcome, they will remain without
any championships

* Turn down the tag title shot
* Talk trash to whoever calls out the current champ
* Tell Michael Cole that you were 'simply messing with them'
* Go to Regal's office (Down the stares, first door on the left, then first on
the left again), and turn down the European championship match

Regal will instead insert you into a match with Tajiri. Win it

4. Rhyno [Hardcore Championship]

Choose any wrestler that doesn't hold a title. The outcome of this path will
leave the chosen wrestler as the Hardcore Champion.. Good time to use that RVD
CAW, me-thinks ^_^

* Turn down the tag title shot
* Attack and beat down whoever calls out the current champ
* Win the match
* When you get called out, stay backstage. Michael Cole will tell you that
William Regal is looking for you
* Instead of finding Regal, go straight down the stairs, and over to Earl
Hebner, by the vending machine
* As Early to referee your Hardcore Title match

Beat Rhyno in the match (it's a Falls Count Anywhere match, in the locker room)

5. Jerry Lynn

This is easily the hardest character to find, and almost certainly the hardest
match to actualy win, in all of story mode. Basicaly, your going to have to win
2 back-to-back Elimination Battle Royal matches.. But first, the random
insanity of finding Lynne. As always, you'll need a non-champion (I used RVD)

* Turn down the tag title
* Talk trash on the mic, to whoever calls out the chamion
* Tell Michael Cole you were 'just messing'
* You'll enter the first-person mode, but instead of finding anyone, just stand
still for 2 minutes
* Vince will place you in a Bottle Royal - win it
* You'll be placed back in first-persom mode. Again, let the time run out
* Vince will AGAIN put you into a 'Battle Royal'. Once again, win it

Now, some strategy..
For some reason, the developers of the game gave the matches REALLY stupid
names. This isn't actualy a traditional battle royal, but a 4-person
elimination match. When someone is pinned, they leave the ring. The last person
in the ring, when the 3 others have all been beaten is the winner.
The best strategy is to attack, and build up your specials meter, but never to
use them. Make sure you don't get pinned, and conserve your specials.
You should be able to take out one of your opponents without using a special,
so just pick someone and beat them down. When someone gets eliminated, sit
back, and let the other 2 beat each other up, and waste their specials on each
other. When they've both used up all their specials, or one of them gets
eliminated, go in for the kill, and use that special you were saving to win the


Thanks to Technopex for pointing out an easier way to unlock Lynne :

Turn down tag title shot.
Run down the ramp.
Win match.
Talk to Hebner; chit-chat, instead of choosing the Hardcore option.
You'll be whisked to Regal's office. There, choose the third option, being
totally uninterested in any sort of title match, and Regal will place you in a
4-way. Win, and, ta-dah, Mr. Lynn. Very similar route, but less waiting around,
and one less Battle Royal to win.

6. Spike Dudley [Tag Title]

Dilemma time.. You'll have to go through 2 tough tag matches to get Spike, so I
suggest choosing someone that your skilled and familiar with, although the
downside is that they'll end up being tag champions at the outcome of this
scenario. Likewise, whoever you choose to be your partner has to be someone
competant enough to take on UT/Kane, but not someone you'll be wanting to use
again. You'll also only get to choose from 4/5 potential partners, so only
choose a the best wrestler on offer, if you don't mind them being stuck with
the tag belts after this scenario

* Agree to form a tag team
* Choose your partner from the 4/5 people you can talk to (whoever you talk to
first will automaticaly be selected as your partner
* Win your first match, and hope you don't get any of the more annoying gimmick
* When the 6-man tag is announced, ask your partner who he wants to be the 3rd
man in the team
* Once you enter first-person mode, go through the main door, and take the
first foor on the left (opposite the vending machine)
* During the THRILLING cut-scene, take some time to catch your breathe from the
marvelous story-telling, and choose to help Spike and Molly
* Win the table match (should take all of 5 seconds)
* Win the tag title match

Not quite as tough as the Lynne scenario, this one may require a few
continues/rematches, before you get it right.
The first match is potentialy the hardest. It's random, and so are the
opponents, so naturaly, I end up in a TLC tag match against Austin. Remember
that Gimmick Matches are just that, so forget the gimmick, and concentrate on
strong wrestling moves, and building up your meter. wait until your partner and
your 2nd opponent are out of the ring, and pull off your special on the
wrestler you happen to be beating on at the time. Pin him and hope his partner
can't make the save.

The 2nd match is laugable. Table matches in Smackdown 3 are laughable in
general, but this one starts with 2 tables already in the ring.
- Set up table
- Irish whip opponent onto table
- Walk to table and press O
If this match takes more than 10 seconds to win, you should be ashamed of

The 3rd match is always a straight tag match. Beat on whichever opponent starts
off, and don't let them tag. Use specials when you get them, and make lots of
pinning attempts. Eventualy, you'll get a pin, when the partner can't make the
save in time.

7-9. Match Modes

Whenever you take the World Championship path (Accepting the challenge of
whoever calls you out), you'll be given a which match to wrestle them in, out
of a choice of 3 :

- Street Fight
- Last Man Standing
- Ultimate Submission

When you win the WWF Championship at the end of this scenario, whichever of teh
3 you chose will becme unlocked in exhibition mode. Keep playing through to get
them all (you'll need to keep playing through anyway, to get everything)

10. Wrestlemania Arena

Automaticaly unlocked whenever you beat the World Championship scenario. Just
get it when you unlock Foley

11. Insurrextion Arena [European Title]

As always, the wrestler you choose will be stuck with a title.. But this time
it's the European title, so you might wanna use someone extra-sucky to complete
this scenario

* Refuse the Tag Titles
* Take the mic and bitch-out whoever calls out the champion
* Tell Cole you were 'just messing with them'
* Find Earl Hebner by the vending machine, and just ask him how he's doing
* Go to Regal, and ask for a European title match
* Win any required matches

Can't remember how many matches you have to win, but I think it's just one.

12. Extra CAW points

Unlocks randomly, along with CAW movesets, and costume parts.

Thanks to everyone who actualy bothered searching around for my EMail address,
so they could point this out.

13 - 32. 'Unknown' Movesets

Because of licensing problems, this is basicaly unlocking Alliance and
international superstars. Unlock the character's moveset, and then find their
body parts in CAW mode, to use the character as a CAW.

33. Theatre Mode
Unlocks the first time you win the World Championship. Just get it when you
unlock Foley

34 - 35. Original CAW Music

These seem to unlock randomly, with other items. By the time you unlock
everything else, these will show up with other cards.

36. New Smackdown Arena

Similar to Fred Durst, beat a certain number of people in Slobberknocker mode,
this time with The Rock. Nobody seems to know the exact score required, since
it's so easy to over-shoot the score. It's around 15-17, I think.

37 - 50. CAW Parts

In Story Mode, choose to play as a current champion. The storyline simply
requires you to make one title defence against a random opponent. Every time
you do, you'll unlock a random CAW Part or Unknown Moveset card. Keep it up
until you get them all

51 - 52. Shane McMahon & Stephanie McMahon

Collect the first 50 cards, then keep defending the WWF championship, until
they unlock. Thanks to everyone who practicaly mailbombed me, to point this out




A Word From The Author

Er... I was bored today ^_^
This is, of course, my first shot at a real FAQ. Originaly, I was going to make
a complete FAQ to the game, but since I detest 300kb FAQs filled with useless
things like movelists, I figured I'd make something more practical, instead.
The secrets list is about all I can tell you about the game that you won't
figure out yourself the moment you pick up the controller, so it's that's
pretty much all you'll see from me, as far as Smackdown 3 is concerned.

That said, it's a really great game, and I hope my first foray into writing
about a non-obscure. non-dancing, non-musicaly, mainstream game, is of use to
you guys.

But don't worry, the Dance Dance Revolution Lyrics FAQ will be updated again
real soon, and since your probably asking

"How the hell did he manage to write an FAQ about something that wasn't DDR-

You may be interested to know that the music in Smackdown 3 is composed and
performed by Hiroshi Watanabe, of DDR and beatmania fame.. So that's my
reputation still intact ^_^

Good luck beating up Fred Durst, and enjoy the game when it comes out on the


Document written by NMR, for

This document, and any portion of it may be reproduced, printed and ripped off
freely, without restrictions... Seriously, just use it. I hope it's of help to

Some Credit would be nice, mind

© 2019 All Rights Reserved.