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Cheats for WWF Raw

WWF Raw - Game cheats, tips and tricks for Sega

Submitted by: Fawad Malik

Two punch knockdown:
Hold Start and press Up(4) at the copyright
screen. The sound of a crash and a red flash on the screen will
confirm correct code entry. An opponent may now be defeated after
two punches.

Three punch knockdown:
Hold A + B + C + Start and sweep
the D-pad in a clockwise Full-Circle at the copyright
screen. The screen should flash red to confirm correct code entry.

Same character match:
Select a character using controller one. Hold Start
and press Up + A + C on that character's selection screen.

Second wrestler assistance:
Press A + B + C on controller two during
a one-on-one match in one fall, brawl, or tournament modes. A
wrestler will appear and help your opponent.

Control partner:
Start a one player game and select a tag team match, bedlam
or survivor series. Begin game play and press A + B
+ C to control your partner.

Edit wrestler:
Enter one of the following controller actions at the view
statistics screen. Note: Kwang is not a playable character.

Kwang Press Down + A + C.
Bret Hart Press Down/Left + Start.
Yokozuna Press Up + A + C.
Luna Vachon Press Up/Right + C.
Undertaker Press Right + Start + A.
Razor Ramon Press Left + A + C.
Lex Luger Press Down/Right + Start.
Doink Press Left + Start + A + C.
Shawn Michaels Press Down/Left + A + C.
Diesel Press Down + Start + A + C.

Full attributes:
Enable the "Edit wrestler" code for the character
of your choice. Hold Start at the prompt to change attributes.
A sound will confirm correct code entry. All attributes may now
be set to 10.

Yokozuna's super move:
Note: A six-button controller is required. When your opponent
is down near the turnbuckles, climb the ropes and hold X.
Then press Down(3), release X, and press B.


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