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Cheats for WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2009

WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2009 - Game cheats, tips and tricks for XBox 360

Cheat Codes:
At the options menu, select the "Cheat Codes" option, then enter one of the
following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Saturday Night's Main Event venue
Enter "SatNightMainEventSvR" as a case-sensitive code to unlock the Saturday

Night's Main Event venue.
Wrestle as Boogeyman
Enter "BoogeymanEatsWorms!!" as a case-sensitive code to unlock Boogeyman.
Wrestle as Chris Jericho (Attitude Era)
Enter "AltJerichoModelSvR09" as a case-sensitive code to unlock Chris Jericho
(Attitude Era).
Wrestle as Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder
Enter "Ryder&HawkinsTagTeam" as a case-sensitive code to unlock Curt Hawkins
and Zack Ryder.
Wrestle as Gene Snitsky
Enter "UnlockSnitskySvR2009" as a case-sensitive code to unlock Gene Snitsky.
Wrestle as Jillian Hall
Enter "PlayAsJillianHallSvR" as a case-sensitive code to unlock Jillian Hall.
Wrestle as Layla (ECW)
Enter "UnlockECWDivaLayla09" as a case-sensitive code to unlock Layla (ECW).
Wrestle as Ric Flair
Enter "FlairWoooooooooooooo" as a case-sensitive code to unlock Ric Flair.
Wrestle as Tazz (ECW)
Enter "UnlockECWTazzSvR2009" as a case-sensitive code to unlock Tazz (ECW).
Wrestle as Vince McMahon
Enter "VinceMcMahonNoChance" as a case-sensitive code to unlock Vince McMahon.
Hornswoggle as manager
Enter "HornswoggleAsManager" as a case-sensitive code to unlock Hornswoggle as
a manager.
CM Punk's alternate costume
Enter "CMPunkAltCostumeSvR!" as a case-sensitive code to unlock CM Punk's
alternate costume.
Rey Mysterio's alternate costume
Enter "BooyakaBooyaka619SvR" as a case-sensitive code to unlock Rey Mysterio's
alternate costume.

Editing your created superstar or diva's abilities:
To edit your created superstar or diva's abilities, restart your career with the
same superstar or diva you used. Note: You will lose all your gained abilities.
You will also take longer to gain Resiliency if your attributes are higher, and
if you are above 80 overall, you will not be able to get Durability. Always
create doubles of a CAW or CAS immediately after making them. By doing this you
can start over with the unused copy and gain Resiliency and Durability in a
quicker amount of time if you end up gaining unwanted abilities.

Preset entrances:
The preset entrances are as follows:

1. Kurt Angle
2. Booker T
3. King Booker
4. Chris Masters
5. RVD
6. Sabu
7. Sandman (ramp entrance)
8. Test
9. Kenny Dykstra
10. Bobby Lashley
11. Gregory Helms
12. Kevin Thorn (post-vampire)
13. Balls Mahoney

1. Lita
2. Trish Stratus
3. Maria (old)
4. Torrie

1. Sgt Slaughter
2. Eddie Guerrero
3. Hulk Hogan
4. Bret Hart
5. Terry Funk
6. Roddy Piper
7. Rick Rude
8. Jim Neidhart
9. Mick Foley
10. Steve Austin
11. Dusty Rhodes
12. The Rock

1. John Cena 2
2. Chris Jericho (old)
3. Randy Orton (old)
4. Shawn Michaels (DX)
5. Triple H (DX)

Champion Entrances
1. John Morrison
2. John Cena
3. Big Daddy V
4. Big Show
5. The Great Khali
6. Kane
7. Mark Henry
8. Randy Orton
9. The Rock
10. Torrie Wilson
11. Trish Stratus

Preset movesets
The preset movesets are as follows:
M-Set01: Gregory Helms
M-Set02: Charlie Haas
M-Set03: Val Venis
M-Set04: Jamie Noble
M-Set05: Shane McMahon
M-Set06: Rob Van Dam
M-Set07: Sabu
M-Set08: Sandman
M-Set09: Bobby Lashley
M-Set10: Test
M-Set11: Balls Mahoney
M-Set12: Kevin Thorn
M-Set13: Tajiri
M-Set14: Brock Lesnar
M-Set15: Goldberg
M-Set16: Kurt Angle
M-Set17: Christian Cage
M-Set18: Booker-T
M-Set19: Rhino
M-Set20: Brother Ray
M-Set21: Brother Devon
M-Set22: Samoa Joe
M-Set23: AJ Styles
M-Set24: Christopher Daniels
M-Set25: The Rock
M-Set26: Steve Austin
M-Set27: Mick Foley
M-Set28: Eddie Guerrero
M-Set29: Roddy Piper
M-Set30: Bret Hart

Preset finisher call names
The preset finisher call names are as follows:
1. Ghetto Blaster
2. Package Piledriver
3. Original Sin
4. Rising Sun
5. Uber Driver
6. Torture Rack
7. Black Tiger Bomb
8. Demon Horns
9. Chaos Theory
10. Aztec Suplex
11. Cliffhanger
12. Flatliner
13. Go Home Driver
14. Hydroplane
15. Impact Driver
16. Perfect Driver
17. Driller
18. Falcon Arrow
19. Money Maker
20. Psycho Driver
21. Royal Mutilation
22. Shockdrop
23. The Finisher
24. Tiger Driver
25. WMD
26. The Destroyer
27. Aneuyrsm
28. Burning Hammer
29. Beldigo

Easy "5 Stars" achievement:
Set the difficulty to Easy, turn off DQ, then beat up the CPU player so he
bleeds to get the "5 Stars" achievement. Additionally, completely make the body
red, and put him through the announcers table.

Easy "Lights, Camera, Action!" achievement:
Start a match, perform a move on the CPU, then press Start, and go down to
"Highlight Reel". Save the clip of yourself doing the move. Exit to the main
menu, and go to "My WWE". You will find the highlight reel there. Once on the
highlight reel screen, upload your clip from the match. Go to "Finish" to get
the "Lights, Camera, Action!" achievement.


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