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Cheats for WWE Raw 2

WWE Raw 2 - Game cheats, tips and tricks for XBox

More Hidden Weapons:
Go to the bottom of the ring when your outside of the ring and go up to
the ring and press "White" and eventually your character will go grab a
weapon from under the ring. You can grab as many weapons as you want.

Easy Win In Hell In A Cell:
If playing in the Hell in the Cell and the option KO is on, its possible
to get a quick win. Climb the cell and do a move to your opponent from
the side of the cell (ex. chokeslam off the cell, etc.) Your opponent
will be out cold and you will win.

Easy Way To Finish Season:
Whenever you have a match you should "Rest" before your match. When you
are in your match and realize that you are losing then just fight him
outside of the ring and let the referee count and when it has reached
about 9 seconds run back into the ring and the opponent should get counted
out and you will receive a win. Do this throughout the season.
NOTE:You must pin or make him submit to win the title and to become king of
the ring

How To Steal Things:
Go to that person that you want to steal something from and go to his/her
locker room and steal

It's easier to steal at a PPV in season mode than it is on RAW or SMACKDOWN.

Get Mick Foley:
To get Mick Foley all you do is complete 5 years in season mode.

Super F-5:
To do the super f-5 you must be brock when you get your finisher whip someone
into the corner and press A+X

Win a Surprise Attack:
I'm not sure if this works if you make a surprise attack in season mode, but
if you are surprise attacked by a CPU opponent, simply pause the game and choose
"Back to Previous Menu." You will then be declared the winner of the surprise attack.

New Outfits:
Use the steal option in season mode

When An Opponent Is Entering The Ring Tap X repeatedly until Your Superstar Interferes

HINT: This Does Not Work With Superstars Like Undertaker Who Rides A Motorcycle

Video unlock:
Steal from the same person three times to get his video clip

Surprise Wrestler:
Press at menu holding down the the L Button then press: B,B,Y,X,X,Y,Y,A

Another easy win in season mode:
First, choose a wrestler that has some submission moves: (Kurt Angle,
Chris Jericho, ECT.) Then when you go into a match, it should take about
three or four times to make your opponent submit. This is very easy to do.

Get Evolution:
To get Evolution first go to create-a-team and put in the following:
1. 3men team
2. Put in Triple H, Ric Flair, and Randy Orton as the members
3. Put Titontron to Thriple H
4. Put Music to Randy Orton (real Evolution Theme)
5. The lights will be set 3 of the samples...put all lights to flash and
make the two colors alternate back and forth on titontron and in the ring
6. Type in the name Evolution for the team name
7. Make sure that the moves for them when they come out is male,male,male
and not male,female, female (they will come out like women if you don't change it

How to unlock the pants song:
All you have to do is steal pants from Lita

Getting rid of weapons:
If you want to get rid of your weapons, irish whip your opponent into the guard
rails. If you are facing toward him pick up the weapon you would like to discard
and press A. You will then throw the weapon into the audience and it will disappear.

Fast win in season mode:
All you have to do is get beating down by your opponent for about 2 minutes,
after that, press start and choose BACK TO MENU, it should say that your the

Easy to steal:
When in season mode and you want to steal something from one of the wrestlers,
make sure that the wrestler you steal from is not a friend or a tag-team partner.
Its easier to steal from your enemies. (WARNING: This does not always work.
It works 85% of the time.)

Alternate costumes:
Every superstar has two appearances. The first one being ring attire and the
second being backstage attire. If you create a superstar and are planning to
put them in a season, you might want to create a second appearance (for example,
something casual or formal). Otherwise your superstar will be running around
backstage as the generic create a superstar character (even when your superstar
is female).

Another easy win in SEASON mode:
First, choose a wrestler that has some submission moves:(kurt Angle,
Chris Jericho, Ect.) Then when you go into a match, it it should take about
three or four times to make your opponent Tap. this is very easy to do.

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