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Cheats for Wrongfully Accused

Wrongfully Accused - Game cheats, tips and tricks for DVD

Submitted by: Dj Simo

Trivia Answers
At the main menu, go to about the film. Then go to "Cast."
While in "Cast," highlight Leslie Nielson's name, then
press up on your remote to see a small disc logo.
Press Enter on it and you will see all the trivia answers
if you really want to cheat.

Trivia mini-game key:
Select the "About The Film" option at the main menu. Highlight the "Cast" option
and press Up to highlight a spinning disc logo. Press Enter to view all the
answers to the disc's trivia mini-game.

Production credits and deleted scenes:
Press Right six times at the main menu to view the disc's production credits.
Press 3 to display a picture of Leslie Nielsen. Press Enter four times to
view scenes that were deleted from the movie.

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