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Cheats for Wizardry - Forsaken Land

Wizardry - Forsaken Land - Game cheats, tips and tricks for Playstation

13 or more points:
When starting a new game, chose to be an elf. Be natural or evil.
When you get to the screen where you get your points to raise your stats
(for example, 10> 7), select "Cancel". Continue to do this until you get
13 or more points. It is possible
to get as high as 31 points and should work every time you start a new game.
For some reason, it cannot be done with characters of other races.
Note: It is recommended that you choose to be a natural elf instead of evil -
if you mistakenly attack a friendly group of monsters, you will not turn evil
or good, depending on what you started with.

Easy Way to Disarm Traps:
When a trap is sprung, simply pause the game and analyze the pattern then
unpause the game and disarm the trap. This should always work.

Fast Gather Weapons/Blessings:
In level 7, go down the stairs to level 8. There's usually a treasure chest.
Decode its trap and open it. Get item. "NOW" go right back up the stairs TO 7.
Walk around two steps in every direction on the floor. Chances are 9 out of 10
times, you will run into the Mage that lets you pick a card for a gamble on a
gift. GO FOR IT! If you get a good cared, fine!

Keep gift/blessing he gives you. If you get a bad card (excluding ill blessings)
you can go right back down the stairs to 8 and the bad blessing is "over".
After dealing with Mage either way, go back down stairs to 8. Back down in
level 8, guess what! ANOTHER CHEST! Repeat steps 1 and 2 to your hearts content!
LOAD UP! Sometimes it skips (no chest)or no Mage, but REPEAT IT! The both do show!


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