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Cheats for Wario Land 2

Wario Land 2 - Game cheats, tips and tricks for Gameboy Color

Flagman D.D. mini-game
Complete the game with a 100% status with all treasure and map pieces.
A bonus game can be played after the final level.

In-game reset
Press Select + Start + A + B during game play.

Unlimited items
Press Start to pause game play in any stage. Keep pressing Select until
a blinking line appears. Hold A + B and press Left or Right to select
an item, then press Up or Down to change the amount of that item, up
to 99.

Boss battles
Complete the game with a 100% status with all treasure and map pieces.
The levels on the map that have a Boss at the end will have a skull
nearby, marked with an arrow. Choose one of these levels. Then hold
Down and press A at the level name screen. The game will proceed
directly to the Boss.

Alternate ending
Do not wake Wario at the start of the game. Eventually, he will be
grabbed by pirates and taken to a bonus level. Complete the game to
view an alternate ending.

Secret chapter
Successfully complete the game. Then, go to the level in which you play
basketball against the giant rabbit. Throw an enemy at the wall next to
his lair. The wall will break. Throw the enemy again at the next wall to
reach a door. Enter the door and you will complete the level unlock a new
chapter will be available.
On the first level, let Wario sleep after you complete the game the first
time. The game will end the level and unlock a new part of the game.

Hint: Stay flat
Jump at the birds while flat to prevent them from returning your character
to normal. If hit correctly, they will be stunned and leave the screen.

Hint: Moving on conveyor belts
Pick up an opponent and carry it while walking over the conveyor belts to
move without being pulled or pushed to either direction.

Hint: Rolling backwards
If you find a slope or step, press B to run towards it. Keep running until
you reach the peak of the hill. Push Down exactly when Wario comes to the
peak. If done correctly, Wario will roll the other way around. If you miss,
Wario will leap back. Note: There is often a wall after the hill, leaving it
up to you to decide if this move is useful.

Hint: Playing basketball against the big rabbit
When playing basketball against the big rabbit, after jumping on him to turn
him into a ball, pick him up, jump in the air fairly close to the basket, then
hold Up and press A. Wario will do a better basketball shot, and allow a more
fast-paced game.

Hint: Defeating the Bubble
To defeat this Bubble, you need to jump on his head. Stay away from the
rest of his body to stay safe or he will take you for a ride. Three hits
and the Bubble Beast will be defeated. Be quick and only strike if you are
sure you will hit him in the head. After you hit him the first and second
time he moves faster, but if you keep avoiding him he will slow down.
Do not worry about the shadow bubbles -- they will not hurt you.

Hint: Defeating the Ghost
The Ghost Boss is a tricky opponent. You do not know when he attacks, but he
has good aim when hitting or grabbing you. He drops down, and when he reaches
the grow is when you should strike him. You need to smash into him. Always keep
moving or he will grab you. It will require four hits to defeat him.

Hint: Defeating the Rock Monster
Once you have reached the Rock Monster that resembles a rhinoceros, he will
repeatedly charge at you. After charging, he turns his back. This is when you
should quickly strike to knock him off the cliff. Three hits are required to
defeat him.

Hint: After The Snake: New chapter
To go to a new chapter on the Defeat The Snake level, get all the coins.
They help win treasures and puzzle pieces. After that, go into the door where
you fight the Snake. Allow the Snake to eat you and get sent back up. Then, go
to the left into the door. You will now be in a little room. Do not fall down
the small hole. Run and smash the wall on the left, get the coins, then run and
smash the right wall. You need to jump and smash to break the wall -- the opening
is on top. Then, continue through and you will reach the ending door.

Hint: Anyone For Basketball: Secrets
There are many secrets on the Anyone For Basketball level . There are three
sections to this level. Complete the first and second section of the level.
Once you have reached the third section, go under the platform that is above
you that has a bird above and below. It is located at the beginning of the
third section -- if you went to the stairs, you are too far. Jump on the birds
to travel up the platforms. Once you have reached the top, enter the window.
There are two spear enemies inside that you will need. Smash through the floor
on either the left or right side. Take a spear enemy and throw him through the
right wall down the stairs to find a secret. Go back out the window from which
you entered and drop to the ground. Go to the top of the stairs on the far right,
and into the window. Ignore the right window. Instead, go all the way to the
left or right and smash through the floor. This is where the treasure is located.
After you are done in that room, exit the window through which you entered.
Go down the stairs into the next window. Enter the window, then go down the
stairs. Get the spear enemy out -- be jumping and smashing the ground.
Take the spear man and go to the far right wall, pass the skull door.
Throw the spear enemy at the wall and into the next wall. You have now entered
the room to the alternate exit and into a new chapter.

Hint: Escape From The Factory: Secret exit
Go through the level normally, then go through the first door. Once done, fall
down the first hole you reach. One of the purple blocks under you is weak --
smash through it. Do not fall to the right. Instead, go left until you reach
another weak block (purple underneath you). Jump smash all the way down, then
press B going left until you reach a door. Go through, get flattened, avoid
the Lifter Bird, go up the platforms, and glide to the door.

Hint: Multiple level tracks
Do not wake up in the first stage. The soldiers will pick you up and throw
you out of the castle before taking it over.

In the "Defeat the giant snake" level, while in the chamber before the
location you go to if the snake eats you, run at the wall on the right and

In the SS Teacup "Drop the anchor", while in second room, the bottom the
wall on the left can be broken by an enemy.

Hint: Really Final Chapter tips
For the first section, go to the right of the screen, and use the ground slam
move until you manage to smash through the ground. Keep going from there to
reach the door. Then, get past the flying spike men and jump on the floating
cupboards to get across. After the second section of this kind, stand on the
very edge of the half-platform and execute a high jump to the next half-platform.
On the third and last section of this kind, do not get on the first cupboard,
and wait until the second one appears. There are some more small platforms
against the wall. Do the same technique to get up them. When you reach the
section with the shocking bee, stun him, then carry him through the stage.
When you see a narrow tunnel that can be entered by ducking, take the bee
towards it. Throw the bee in the tunnel, but not too hard or he will die.
When he comes back to life, crawl through the tunnel. This will knock the
bee through the tunnel. After getting out the other end, throw the bee at
the enemy blocks to smash them and allow you to get to the next door. In
the next room, pick up the spear man and drop him on the platform that
Wario cannot stand on (it is faint and may look like a decoration on the wall).
This next part is very tricky. Jump on him, then do a high jump off him
(Jump and Up). Land on him, and do the same thing to get across to the
other side. Then, climb the stairs, and do exactly the same thing the other
way. It will be harder here because of the ceiling. At the end, go through
the door. There is a section with about fifteen of those platforms up against
the wall. However, it is actually easier than it looks. In the next section,
jump up close to the floating bird and do a high jump off of it when it is
at the right spot to jump up to the next platform. Use this technique to get
through the entire section. In the next room, there are some conveyor belts
running the wrong way. Get onto the first one, and charge along it. As soon
as you are about to hit the bit of the ceiling hanging down, duck, and your
character should slide under it. Do this a few more times and you should be
past that section. Then, when there are conveyor belts and spikes on the
floor, charge across the conveyor belt and jump when about to hit the spike.
You should hit your head on the ceiling and land on the other side. Do this
a few times, and go through the door. In the next room, get squashed by the
big rock. Get past the dripping water, execute high jumps up the platforms
on the left, get past two more water drips, and walk to the very edge of the
big platform you are standing on. Jump to the right from that location. Use
your gliding action well to get to the end, and get hit by the dripping water
there. Then, go through the door, and into the final room. There is a giant
spear man walking along a platform that Wario can not touch, and a lot of
spikes. Jump off, do a high jump off him, and back onto your own platform to
stun him. Then, ground-slam him ten times. Hopefully, your "stunning" jump will
knock him to the very side of the platform. If he falls off, all is lost.
Jump off, and ground slam the side of his body that will knock him to the
other edge of the platform. Fly off him, and land on the part of his body that
will send him back to where he was. Hit him ten times, and he will die.
You do not have to get the glowing coin, Simply killing him will finish the
level, and the entire game.

Glitch: Saved game deletion
If the game is played on a classic Game Boy after a game has been saved
after play on the Game Boy Color, that saved game file will be automatically

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