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Cheats for Vigilante 8 - Second Offense

Vigilante 8 - Second Offense - Game cheats, tips and tricks for Nintendo64

Cheat Mode
Go to Options, select Game Status and press A. hold L+R on any
character and you will have a space to put codes in.
Note: you enter the letters by pressing Up or Down with the
D-Pad and move to the next letter by pressing right on the Pad.
Note2: You must hold L+R before EVERY CODE to enable the space.

ELBICNIVNI ---- Invincibility
RAPID_FIRE ---- Rapid Fire
NO_GRAVITY ---- Makes car go higher.
GO_MONSTER ---- Big Wheels
LLA_KCOLNU ---- All Cars
LLA_DORTOH ---- Max Added Stats
BLAST_FIRE ---- Makes Missile Stronger
JACK_IT_UP ---- High Suspensions

Submitted By: Khas

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