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Cheats for Valhalla Knights

Valhalla Knights - Game cheats, tips and tricks for Sony PSP

Secrets: Monster becomes Super strong:
Beat the game and at the end of the credits, you will have a choice to save.
Save and load your game. Go to the entrance of the prison and talk to the guard.
He will ask if your a true adventurer. Select the first option and the monster
will becomes stronger than normal. Talk to the guard again and select the 2nd
option to return the monsters to normal.

MP recharge at the inn:
Whenever characters need MP, go to the inn, do not rest, just go upstairs walk
around. You must walk around by knocking in too the furniture, and slowly...
your MP would be recharge!

Ten Development Points:
When you first create a character and give it a name if you use 9 characters
to create the name you will be given 10 points to add to anything you want.


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