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Cheats for Super Star Wars

Super Star Wars - Game cheats, tips and tricks for Super Nintendo

Submitted by: Joshua

Debug Mode
At the title screen have both controllers in and type on the first
controller: A,A,A,A,X,B,B,B,B,Y,X,X,X,X,A,Y,Y,Y,Y,B. You will hear
a Jawa shriek. at the start of each level, you can choose your
character. during the game press L+R on controller 2 to open the
Debug screen.

In the debug screen, hold A+B+X+Y+SELECT+START on controller 2 and
press START on controller 1. If it work, then you will have a set of
numbers next to the charcater and you can walk through walls.

Skip Levels
Have the debug code on and when playing the game press START on
controller 2.

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