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Cheats for Star Trek - Insurrection

Star Trek - Insurrection - Game cheats, tips and tricks for DVD

Bonus Clips (Collector's Edition):
Insert the second disc of the set and from the [Main Menu] go to the [Production]
section. Highlight the menu entry [It Takes A Village] and then press the [Left]
arrow key on your remote control. A hexagon will highlight and if you press [Enter]
now you will see a small clip of actress Marina Sirtis explaining the hazards of
catering services on a movie production.
Now, go to the [Star Trek Universe] section and highlight the entry [Main Menu].
Press the [Right] arrow key and another hexagon will light up. Now press the [Enter]
key and Tom Morello of [Rage Against the Machine] talks about appearing as a S'Ona
in the movie.

Finally go to the [Advertising] section from the [Main Menu] and there highlight the
[Main Menu] entry. Press [Left] arrow key on your remote control and when the hexagon
lights up press the [Enter] key. This will take you to a clip of actors Michael Dorn
and Marina Sirtis discuss what the movie is about.



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