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Cheats for Fable

Fable - Game cheats, tips and tricks for XBox

Submitted by: lothoriel

this is not realy a cheat it is a hint. At the begining of the game you
have to collect three gold coins to buy a birthday present for your sister
Theresa. To get three gold coins, go down to the big tree at the marked in
Oakvale and look around at the houses you see a lady standing right uot side
her house talk to her and she will give you a "mission" to find her husband.
After you have talked to her go up the road where your father is. then go at
the back of the FIRST house and there you will find a man and a woman kissing
talk to the man and he would tell you that you should`nt tell his wife about
it then he will give you some gold coins. and then go talk to the lady again
and tell her the secret, (you wont get any evil points of telling her) then
she would give you some gold coins and then to have a little fun follow the
lady to her husband and when the lady get to her husband they start to have a
big argue then talk to the husband and then he will get kind of mad at you
then go talk to your father up on the hill and he will give you the money.
Then go down to the marked talk to the trader and by some chocolates then
turn around and go under the bridge and walk to you see a girl at a corn
field go in the gate talk to her and voila.
now i have given you some fun some gold coins and told you where your sister is.
have fun! =)

Submitted by: Jonathan

To open the the demon gate in Albion (Rose Cottage). Give the gate a rose and the gate will open.

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