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Cheats for ESPN NHL 2K5

ESPN NHL 2K5 - Game cheats, tips and tricks for XBox

Cheat mode:
Enter "LuvLeafs" as a case-sensitive profile name to unlock everything in the
skybox from trophies to classic jerseys.

Hidden skills competitions:
Successfully complete the skills competitions without using more than three
continues during the entire time. Then, hold Up selecting the "Skills
Competition" option to see more skills competition options.

Easy goal:
An easy way to score is when the goalie covers the puck and there is a face off
to the left or right of the net. Move the Analog-stick in the direction of the
shot to the net. When the referee drops the puck, press B instead of A. The
goalie usually will not be expecting it, and it will go into the net.
Additionally, get the puck and try to get a breakaway. Stay in the middle at the
sides of the circles. Turn fast in either side and do a wristshot or backhand.
Note: This may not work every time.


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