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Cheats for American Splendor

American Splendor - Game cheats, tips and tricks for DVD

DVD Production Credits:
Go to [Special Features] and either highlight "HBO Films" and press [Down],
or highlight "Play Movie" and press [Up]. This will highlight an icon.
Press [Enter] for the DVD production credits.

Bonus Clip:
Go to [Special Features], then hit [Downloads]. In the next menu, click
on [Specifications]. Highlight [Special Features] on that page and press
[Up]. the "A | S" on the coffee mug will be highlighted and if you click
it you'll get a 1-minute clip about Robert Crumb.

Bonus Clip 2:
...still in [Special Features], either highlight [Play Movie] and press
[Right], or highlight [Main Menu] and press [Left]. This will highlight
the speaker and if you click on that you'll get a 1-minute clip about
the Genuine Nerd Toby Radloff.

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