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Cheats for American Pie

American Pie - Game cheats, tips and tricks for DVD

Hidden trailers:
Select the "Bonus Features" option from the main menu.
Choose the "Recommendations" option to find unadvertised
trailers from The Blues Brothers, Animal House, and
American Graffiti.

Music video:
View the commercial for the American Pie soundtrack.
The music video for "You Wanted More" by Tonic will
follow the commercial.

Mistake: Switched cups:
Look at the scene during the party, where someone drinks
beer (and something else) out of a plastic cup. At first,
he is drinking out of a clear cup. At the next point he is
drinking out of a blue cup, then a clear cup again.

Mistake: Disappearing Vaseline:
When Nadia opens the drawer and sees the magazines, there
is a jar of Vaseline next to them. They camera shows her
then picking up the magazines, and the Vaseline is no
longer there.

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