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Cheats for Ace Combat 4 - Shattered Skies

Ace Combat 4 - Shattered Skies - Game cheats, tips and tricks for Playstation 2

Bonus options
Successfully complete all 18 missions, then save the game. Load the saved
game to unlock the following new options at the main menu. The "Special
Continue" option allows the entire game to be replayed with new fighters and
weapons, plus the money earned in the first game. The "Free Mission" option
allows any mission to be played. The "Trial Mission" option allows the game
to be played in either score attack or time attack modes. The "Scene Viewer"
allows FMV sequences to be played. The "Music Player" option allows any of
the 36 songs in the game to be played.

Expert mode
Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting to unlock
the expert difficulty setting.

Ace mode
Successfully complete the game under the expert difficulty setting to unlock
the ace difficulty setting.

All aircraft
Use the following steps to unlock all aircraft, including special colors.
First, acquire an aircraft by destroying it in battle. This is easy, except
for three aircraft. Forget the ground targets and dogfight instead, which is
the true nature of an ace. You can acquire three different paint schemes for
each aircraft. Two of the paint schemes can be acquired by destroying that
color aircraft in battle. To acquire the special brightly colored third
aircraft, you must find and kill the pilot flying it. On each level of the
game there is a single hidden aircraft (eighteen total hidden aircraft).
Each one of these aircraft has a specific pilot. When you see the aircraft
in front of you and lock on, it will display the pilot's name next to the
aircraft name and lock on square. For example, "S-37A SMIRNOVA". The hidden
aircraft will not show up on radar until you get nearby. On radar, the
aircraft will be marked with a red triangle instead of yellow. Each hidden
aircraft is always in the same place on their specific level. This is always
in an empty spot on the map away from the main combat zone. The aircraft can
usually be found directly behind the main combat zone. Last but not least
are the three remaining aircraft. To acquire the Yellow Squadron fighter
(SU-37) of your nemesis Yellow-13, you must kill all of the pilots with
names flying the special colored aircraft (eighteen total).
Information in this section was contributed by Golgo-13.
To unlock the X-02 Stealth, get an "S" rank on all 18 missions under normal
In order to get the second X-02, finish the game getting an "S" rank under
the hard difficulty setting. This will unlock a black plane. Finish the game
under the expert difficulty setting with an "S" rank on all missions will
unlock the last X-02. This one is silver.
You can get the Tiger Striped F-4E by completing the game once under any
difficulty setting, then using the Sp. Continue option. To unlock the second
X-02 aircraft you must get an "S" rank on all eighteen missions under the
hard difficulty setting. The third X-02 is unlocked by getting an "S" rank
on all eighteen missions under the expert difficulty setting.
Information in this section was contributed by Robert Bell.

Alternate colors
Successfully complete the game in ace mode. Note: You may also need to
obtain S-class for all missions.
Information in this section was contributed by Peter Hsu.

Hint: Aircraft list
The following is a complete aircraft list (in order):
Information in this section was contributed by Golgo-13.
F-4E (fighter)
Tiger Stripes
F-5E (fighter)
Sky Camo
Gray Camo
Sea-Green (Wang) level 1
F-16C (fighter)
White w/ Blue Stripes (Tempel) level 3
A-10A (attacker)
Desert Camo
Silver (Ciffred) level 2
MIR-2000 (fighter)
Sky Camo
Gray Camo
White w/ Blue Stripes (Rigaux) level 4
F-14A (fighter)
Sky Camo
Black (LEVY) level 6
TND-ID5 (attacker)
Yellow Stripes (De Vico) level 7
F/A-18C (multirole)
Desert Camo
Yellow (Vrisala) level 8
F-15C (fighter)
Blue-Silver (Tuttle) level 9
MIG-29A (fighter)
Gray Camo
Red (Mrkos) level 5
F-117A (attacker)
Winter Camo (Kwee) level 16
EF-2000 (fighter)
White with red stripes (Olmstead) level 15
R-M01 (multirole)
Gray Camo
White with blue stripes (Faye) level 10
F-15E (multirole)
Blue Tiger Stripes (Gunn) level 13
F-2A (attacker)
White with red stripes (Urata) level 12
SU-35 (fighter)
Sky Camo
Gray Camo
White with blue and red stripes (Neujmin) level 11
F-22A (fighter)
Sky Camo
Gray (Abell) level 14
SU-37 (fighter)
Gray Camo with yellow wing tips (Yellow Squadron)
F-15ACTIVE (fighter)
Gray Camo
White with blue andred stripes (Halley) level 17
S-37A (fighter)
Gray Camo
Silver Camo (Smirnova) level 18
X-02 (multirole) (last aircraft)
Gray Camo

Safe Return: Easy completion
There are about eleven balloons ahead of you, up and down and to the side
slightly. Then, turn right and go until you cross a mountain, four to six
balloons later. Then, turn right again. Blast balloons until time runs out.
It is possible to get an "S" rank under the ace difficulty setting using
this method, with just balloons, not counting the planes.

Shattered Skies: Shoot down SR-71
In the "Shattered Skies" mission, the fast moving plane you are locked onto
when the mission first starts is an SR-71. You can shoot it down by heading
towards the back of the combat area and climbing to about 30,000 ft. Head it
off and you should be able to shoot it down.
Information in this section was contributed by duffndame.
Quickly tap the Analog-stick Down as the mission starts. If done correctly,
the SR-71 (which is the orange triangle) should still be blinking. This is
the chance to get the Sr-71. Using the X-02 is recommended, due to its
powerful speed.

Whisky Corridor: Second SR-71
There is a second SR-71 Blackbird on this mission. At any time during the
mission, fly to the southwest corner of the map at about 15,000 feet, just
north of the RTB line.

Breaking Arrows: XB-70
There is an XB-70 at the top left at about 30,000 ft.
Information in this section was contributed by SMabry4446.
The enemy XB-70 can be shot down to earn extra points. The plane can be
found all the way at the back of the combat area at high altitude. The plane
is visible on radar to the left on the first target.

Easier X-02s
There is an easier way to get the three X-02s rather than going through the
entire game. After the game is completed, the "Free Mission" option will be
unlocked. Select this option and choose a difficulty setting (normal for the
gray X-02, hard for the black X-02, or expert for the silver X-02). Select
any mission to play on that difficulty setting. If you get an "S" rank on
all the missions, the X-02 becomes available. This allows you to skip all of
the missions you got an "S" on when you went through the full game. For
example, if you got an "S" on all but three missions, you only have to play
those missions instead of the entire game.

Easier ground battle
The best way to destroy multiple ground targets is to fly the F-15 Active
using the FREB (fuel - air explosive bomb). This will destroy about six to
ten targets if they are close together.

Impossible speed
This trick only works with jets that have high speed and can go over 40,000
feet in altitude (X-02, S-37, Su-37) .Press R2 to go way up holding down
over 40,000 feet (near space). Keep going in a circle while R2 is held. Go
up and down slightly until the speed reaches 1665, then dive. If done
correctly, when you dive the impossible speed should be about 1788 (if fast
enough). Actually it will be about 1725. Note: Try practicing this trick in
free flight mode.

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