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Cheats for Airblade

J. J. Sawyer

Finish the game with an "S" rank in all levels.


Finish the Downtown level with a "B" rank.


Finish the game with an "A" rank in all levels.

The Insider

Finish the Storage level with a "B" rank.

Stunt attack mode

Finish the game in story mode.

Unlock Everything

Select story mode, then press Up, Down, Up, Down, L1, L2, R2, R1, Select + X at the level selection screen. A sound will confirm that you entered the code correctly. All levels, characters, and bonuses will be unlocked.

New Kat Outfit

Finish score attack mode with high scores in all levels.

New Ethan Outfit

Finish stunt attack mode.

Always on Top of the Score List

Choose New game and enter your name as Ethan and the game will think you've completed the game.

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