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Cheats for Test Drive Off-Road

Bonus Cars

To use these vehicles, enter the code below as your name. If it worked, the announcer will say the name of the car.

Beefy -- Monster Truck
Fifty -- Hot Rod
Sprinter -- 4X4 Buggy
Lowrider -- Stock Car

Bonus Tracks

To race on these tracks, enter one of the codes below as your name.

FRIENDLY -- Dirt Dash
SANDDUNE -- Pharaoh's Curse
CRAZY -- Sand Trap
ELITE -- Under Construction
SNOWMAN -- Snowball Express
ALLTRACK -- Pipeline Way

Drive Through Anything

At the screen where you can enter you name put in "Davon" for your name. This code will let you run through any obstacle.

Access to all tracks and league cups

Enter ALL TRACK as a driver name. Press TRIANGLE to exit the option, then re-enter that screen. Clear the name and enter ELVIS as a driver name. All tracks and mix league cups will be available.

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